6 Days in the Southwest

If you are seeking adventure, this 6-day trip through the Southwest is for you! My 4 friends and I spent 6 days traveling through NV, AZ and UT to visit 4 national parks… by car. Before getting into the details, please note that we were all previous athletes and to enjoy a few of these views, there requires a bit of hiking. 3 weeks before heading out, I joined LunaFit fitness center, where they helped physically and mentally prepare me for the journey ahead!

On a Saturday, we flew into McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, NV) and made our 4.5-hour drive to Page, AZ. The location of our AirBnb was perfect, as we had mountain views and grocery stores nearby. Initially we planned to stay in 4 different hotels and spend two days in each location, but we decided it was better to stay in 1. Staying in 1place allowed us to relax after long days and we did not have to worry about repacking our belongings the entire trip.

Please be advised that this trip was mainly for hiking and sightseeing therefore, there were not many great locations to eat at in Page. We grocery shopped, grilled and cooked for the week. I’d also suggest packing sandwiches, fruit and protein bars to stay fueled up while hiking. The last note to make is that although we knew exactly where we wanted to go, due to weather, we did not plan specific days to visit each national park until we arrived.

Before the trip Suggestions

Purchase a National Park Pass for $80. It is good for 1 vehicle or 4 adults. Without it, expect to pay $30 per park.

Hiking Boots

Hiking Sandals (Tevas are great)

Hiking Backpack w/ Hydration pack included

First Aid Kit

UV Protection Sunglasses (there were lots of wind that threw sand into our eyes and the sun beamed through the clouds)


Day 1 – Traveling from NV to Page, AZ

4.5 drive

Views on the way

Grocery Shopping


Preparing for Hikes

Day 2 - Horeshoe Bend in Glen Canyon

Located in Page, AZ

10 mins from Airbnb

1 mile hike - Beginner

Wear sandals or boots & sunglasses

*there are many other trails in the area with decent views

Day 3 – Arches National Park & Canyonlands National Park

Located in Moab, UT

4.5 hour drive from Page, AZ (if you leave at 2am, you can get there when it opens and see the sunset on the way)

Wear hiking boots & sunglasses

* Please note that you will be heading to a different state and the timezone is MDT. Once arrived, you will be an hour ahead of AZ. Plan accordingly.

Trail: Delicate Arch at Arches National Park

Uphill hike - Moderate

2-4 hours

Standing Under Delicate Arch

We climbed a cliff with an opening right before reaching delicate arch, swipe through the views above. You can see delicate arch to the left.

Trail: Mesa Arch at Canyonlands National Park

45 min from the Arches

1-mile round trip hike - beginner

30 min

*there are many other trails and parks nearby. check them out as you drive home.

Day 4 – Zion National Park (our personal favorite)

Near Springdale, UT

Under 2 hour drive from Page, AZ

Wear hiking boots & Sunglasses

Purchase shuttle tickets for $1 each on days before going so you can get to and from the trails inside of the park.

*Again, you will be on MDT so plan accordingly.

Trail: The Narrows

1-mile round trip to see the opening and you can then trek through water to see the end

Beginner - Moderate

At the top of the mountain, it was 40 degrees and raining so we were able to photograph this hike the way we wanted but it was completely worth it!

*the park was so big that the temperatures were different at different parts of the park so dependent on the time of year, be prepared for hot & cold temps.

Other places to visit near Springdale, Utah

- Sand Dunes

- Bryce National Park

-Grand Canyon National Park

Day 5 – Lower Antelope Canyon

Located in Page, AZ

10 minutes from AirBnb

Wear hiking sandals & sunglasses

Purchase kayaks or jetskis days before due to selling out quickly

1.5 mile kayak or jetski to the canyon

3 mile hike inside of canyon

*Due to COVID-19, upper antelope canyon is closed. However, the lower part can be accessed only by water.

*I enjoyed the kayak however, I'd definitely prefer a jet-ski. On the way to the canyon was a smooth ride however, the paddle back was exhausting.

Day 6 – Traveling back to Las Vegas, AZ


4.5 hour drive to AZ

Spent the night in Las Vegas eating/ drinking before early am flights

Additional Photos

Extras: We found it fun to purchase National Park Passport Booklets to get stamped along the way. You can purchase them for $10 at any national park visitor center and stamp them yourselves.

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